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At Free AI Stock Picker, our revolutionary AI stock picker uses a type of artificial intelligence (AI) called reinforcement learning (RL) to learn to identify stocks setting up for strong up trends so that you have the same insight as big wall street investors. Our AI agent analyzes the Russel 1000 stocks each night to identify the stocks that could experience significant moves to the upside. Click the link below to see recent free AI stock picks.

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Easy to Understand Chart Signals

On the detail page for each stock picked by the AI agent, there is an AI powered stock chart with easy to understand colored zones. You should avoid stocks when in Red zones on the chart as it Red signals a downtrend. Light green zones signal a new changing/uptrend, but be prepared to take profits quickly if they turn red as these trends can be less stable. Dark green zones usually signal strong uptrends.

The most advanced free AI stock picker platform

Our mission at Free AI Stock Picker is to expand individual investors’ potential by providing them free access to advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems to help them be more succesful in today’s financial markets.

The Free AI stock picker team has always been fascinated with stock analysis, but was inspired to create freely accessible AI systems for individual investors after learning about Alpha Go - by DeepMind. Alpha Go, an AI agent, used reinforcement learning to learn to play the ancient game of Go and defeat several world champions. Reinforcement Learning Go Reinforcement learning involves training an AI agent with trial and error actions to try to achieve a particular goal, be that winning a game of chess or optimizing stock investment returns (our case). Reinforcement Learning AI Trading Reinforcement Learning Stock Trading By giving the AI agent rewards when it performs the best action(s) in response to specific situations, it learns which actions it should perform. The cool part was, the agent wasn’t instructed or programmed how to play, it was simply given the rules and by playing games over and over against itself, it learned what moves were best in almost every situation imaginable.

In, September of 2020, (a machine learning competition site) hosted a competition challenging competitors to teach computers how to play football - a.k.a. soccer. Google Researchers wanted to explore AI agents' ability to play in complex settings like football. The game requires a balance of short-term control, learned concepts such as passing, and high-level strategy, which can be difficult to teach agents. The AI agent has to consider thousands of datapoints in a split second and make a decision what action it should take. We entered the competition and placed with a gold medal. Much of what we learned in the Kaggle competition forms the basis for our AI stock picker system. Reinforcement Learning AI Soccer

With the inspiration of Alpha Go and success using reinforcement learning to teach a computer to play soccer, Free AI Stock Picker was born. For the last two years, our team has worked tirelessly on research and testing to create the most advanced, free AI stock picking system to determine when to enter and exit stock positions. If you find our site helpful, please share it with friends and family.

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