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Natera Inc (NTRA)

Industry: Diagnostics & Research

Natera, Inc, a diagnostics company, develops and commercializes molecular testing services worldwide. Its products include Panorama, a non-invasive prenatal test that screens for chromosomal abnormalities of a fetus, as well as in twin pregnancies; Horizon carrier screening test for individuals and couples determine if they are carriers of genetic variations that cause certain genetic conditions; Vistara single-gene NIPT screens for 25 single-gene disorders that cause severe skeletal, cardiac, and neurological conditions; Spectrum, preimplantation genetic tests for couples undergoing IVF; Anora that analyzes miscarriage tissue from women; Empower, a hereditary cancer screening test; and non-invasive prenatal paternity product, which allows a couple to establish paternity without waiting for the child to be born.

Natera, Inc Website


Institution %: 96.092

YTD Institution change: 6510998


Insiders %: 3.751

Insiders Purchases YTD:

Insiders Sales YTD: 56883

Insiders Net YTD: -56883

Analyst Ratings

Target Price: 71.2

Overall Rating: 4.4

Strong Buys (5): 9

Buys (4): 4

Holds (3): 1

Sells (2): 1

Strong Sells (1): 0


52 Week Hi: 63

52 Week Low: 35.02

Beta: 1.179

50 Day MA: 45.4622

200 Day MA: 50.2214

Earnings / Revenue Trends

Qtr Earnings Growth YOY: 0

Qtr Revenue Growth YOY: 0.274

Forward PE:

Trailing PE: